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About COSR


The Mission of COSR is to advance sustainable development in Central Ohio by acting as a resource for awareness-building, learning and collaboration among business, government, non-profits, and community groups. Our intent is to stimulate innovation and create competitive advantage for Central Ohio businesses, while improving quality of life for community residents of both present and future generations.

We are committed to establishing a forum for thoughtful exploration of problems and opportunities related to economic development, including challenges of land use, housing, energy, transportation, and environmental protection. We will encourage open discourse and cross-fertilization of ideas among different perspectives and disciplines, leading to superior policies and strategies that address the needs of all concerned stakeholders.

Areas of opportunity to be explored by the Roundtable include:

  • Stakeholder engagement with businesses
  • Social and environmental entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable architecture and "green" buildings
  • Economically efficient waste management
  • Environmentally responsible procurement
  • Stewardship of regional ecological assets
  • Development of alternative energy sources and clean fuels
  • Integrated planning for transportation and development
  • Attraction of talent to Central Ohio schools and businesses

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