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Member Updates

Check back here often for information about new items or supplies recieved or expected from our donors, as well as other information about the Center.

Redesigned website
If you are reading this, you have found your way to our redesigned website that went live in mid-February 2008.  The redesign was provided as a public service to us by inmates at the London, Ohio Correctional Institution --  Warden Timmerman-Cooper, Instructor Steve Galloway, and the Interactive Graphic Media & Web Design Students  who are trained to do such work as part of their rehabilitation.  It is a great example of your tax dollars at work.  Notes of appreciation may be sent to Steve Galloway at

Membership Cards Replaced with Electronic Database
We have phased-out membership cards at the Waste Not Center.  All members and their dates of membership, are in an electronic database.  The new “check in” procedure is to give your name to a volunteer at the Center who will check the member database on a laptop computer to verify that your membership is current.  The data bases design has been in the works for over a year and was donated to us by the Hankins Group in Cincinnati, which was introduced to us by former volunteer, Emily Plews.  Notes of appreciation may be sent to

Helpers Always Needed.
If you can spend an extra hour or so when you come to the Center to shop, we can always use help with many of the tasks that go into operating the Center.  Unpacking items, keeping shelves stocked and organized, and breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling are examples of how you can help.

Waste Not Center Brochure
A new Waste Not Center Brochure was designed for us by member Jonathan Juravich an art teacher.  There are two version of the brochure – one to recruit new members and one to recruit new partners to donate materials and supplies.  The brochure was printed for us as a gift from the Ohio State University Offices of Energy Services and Sustainability.  You may request copies of either or both versions of the brochure if you think you can help with recruiting either new members (we now have over 700) or new partners.

We Need Used Cell Phones
Through a partnership with Smart Recycle (  we receive money for old cell phones that we collect for recycling.  If you have some at home bring them in to the Center.  If you are a teacher, consider doing a drive at your school to collect them.  If you are a Scout leader, perhaps you can arrange to canvass your neighborhood to collect phones.  If it is inconvenient to bring them to the Center, we can pick them up.  If you work in an art gallery or studio, ask customers to bring them in; we can provide a green recycle container to put them in.

Do We Have Your Email Address?
We communicate frequently by email with our large membership of over 700 members. The information we send is designed to help members get maximun value from their membership. Such information includes alerts about new "hot" items donated. Also we would use email if we ever had to close due to an emergency. If you have not been receiving email from us we do not have your email adddress on file. Please phone it in to 614-278-9445 or send it via email to ( 

Security Gate Issues
The property manager for the site on which our warehouse is located regularly locks the security gate that connects the main parking lot to the driveway that serves our Center at 4:30.  However, we have made arrangements for it to be left unlocked on Thursday, and the plan is for us to lock it when we leave.  If ever you encounter a locked gate, enter the Center through our front door on the side of building opposite from our large overhead door.


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